Millennium Promise addresses the root causes of extreme poverty by taking a holistic, community-led approach to sustainable development. To meet the many different challenges each region faces, MP use multiple tools such as community health workers, diversified local food production, commercial farming, malaria control, piped water, solar electricity, and connectivity to name a few. These multiple tools are synergistic—while each has been proven to support its main target, each also contributes to progress on several or all of the goals.

    MP takes a community‐led, science‐based approach to accomplishing the world’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in rural Africa. The premise is that integrated, community‐based improvements in health, food production, education, water access, essential infrastructure, and business development will enable the villages to propel themselves on a path of self‐sustaining economic growth.

    The Sectoral Programs or programmatic areas are built from a group of SDGs that are localizable at subnational levels and based on MP high level expertise and experience gained through the implementation of the Millennium Villages.

    Sustainable Agriculture, Ecosystem Management, Climate Change, Economic Growth & Employment
    Health Systems, Nutrition and WASH
    Education Systems, including Formal and Non-Formal Education
    Gender, Institutions and Governance
    Energy & Infrastructure
    Data & Information Systems including Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)