Reports & Publications

    Reports & Publications

    Annual Reports

    2012 Millennium Promise Annual Report

    2014 Millennium Promise Annual Report

    2013 Millennium Promise Annual Report on the Millennium Villages Project

    Scientific Publications

    Testing Institutional Biomass Cookstoves in Rural Kenyan Schools for the Millennium Villages Project (JULY 5, 2010)

    Opportunities and Challenges of Integrating mHealth Applications into Rural Health Initiatives in Africa (DECEMBER 1, 2009)

    Monitoring and evaluation to support adaptive co-management Lessons learned from the Millennium Villages Project

    Integrating a broader notion of food security and gender empowerment into the African Green Revolution (JUNE 11, 2009)

    Identifying potential synergies and trade-offs for meeting food security and climate change objectives in sub-Saharan Africa (MAY 7, 2010)

    Human factors for capacity building lessons learned from the OpenMRS implementers network (JANUARY 1, 2010)

    Field testing and survey evaluation of household biomass cookstoves in rural sub-Saharan Africa (JULY 8, 2010)

    Combining vital events registration, verbal autopsy and electronic medical records in rural Ghana for improved health services delivery (JANUARY 1, 2010)

    Challenges Associated with Reducing Malnutrition and Diarrheal Disease in Children in Developing Countries (NOVEMBER 1, 2009)

    Assessment of nutrient deficiencies in maize in nutrient omission trials and long-term field experiments in the West African Savanna (JANUARY 1, 2009)

    Use of an Innovative, Affordable, and OpenSource Short Message ServiceBased Tool to Monitor Malaria in Remote Areas of Uganda (MARCH 11, 2011)

    The Role of Chemistry in Addressing Hunger and Food Security (APRIL 27, 2011)

    The Impact of Reducing Financial Barriers on Utilisation of a Primary Health Care Facility in Rwanda (JULY 1, 2011)

    The African Green Revolution Results from the Millennium Villages Project (OCTOBER 1, 2010)

    Risk factors for non-communicable diseases among older adults in rural Africa (MAY 1, 2011)

    HIV Attitudes, Awareness and Testing Among Older Adults in Africa (JULY 1, 2011)

    Reports and Documents

    The Millennium Project

    The Millennium Cities Initiative

    Overseas Development Institute – Formative Review of the Millennium Villages Project

    International Commission on Education for Sustainable Development Practice, FINAL REPORT

    The MDGs

    Monitoring the World’s Agriculture

    Harvests of Development in Rural Africa The Millennium Villages After Three Years

    Evaluating structural interventions in public health Challenges, options and global best-practice

    Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Complex, Goal-Oriented, Adaptive Interventions in the Millennium Villages