Our approach

    Image 1 Our approach

    Gardening using Acacia solar-powered irrigation system in Potou MVP, Senegal


    By mobilizing cutting-edge science and technology and using a multi-sector and multi-scale approach for effective local development, Millennium Promise seeks to accelerate sustainable development and eradicate poverty across rural sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

    This will include the institutionalization of our approach in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond by collaborating with partners in research and applied field work. This will also involve the up-scaling of our approach sub-regionally by providing technical and operational assistance and capacity building support to institutions in our intervention area.

    Millennium Promise’s Specific Goals are as follows:

    1. Build and strengthen the capacities of the national and local authorities and their partners toward the integration of the SDGs into the local planning systems.
    2. Generate, capitalize on and disseminate best practices and scientific knowledge on the policies, institutions, methods and technologies to ensure proper planning and effective local implementation of the SDGs.
    3. Support government and non-government partners and develop partnerships in the implementation of the SDGs at subnational level.
    4. Improve performance in the implementation of the SDGs for government, non-governmental and private partners through appropriate technical assistance tailored to specific needs.
    5. Equip partners with on-demand expertise through a pool of experts specialized in the development and implementation of SDGs related activities at meso and local levels.
    6. Building a low cost integrated SDG based real time M&E system for rural Africa.

    The work of MP concerns the following priority areas : 

    • Technical Leadership: providing technical support to countries in the sub-region in several sectors experiencing difficulties such as gender, agriculture, health, infrastructure, and the identification of business opportunities in rural and urban areas and support for private entrepreneurship
    • Technical Partnerships : developing key strategic and technical partnerships with research, education and development institutions at the national, regional and international levels, with governmental and non-governmental organizations, Government Ministries, Agencies of the United Nations System, and financial partners
    • Technical Assistance for Development: providing quality technical assistance to governments of the sub-region to help design and implement national and local development plans that integrate the SDGs
    • Research, Lessons Learned, and Policy Development: ensuring that the pertinent lessons learned from the experiences of different research and development projects are integrated into policy discussions relative to the SDGs in Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Quick Impact Initiatives and the African Green Revolution: working closely with government organizations and NGOs to identify and implement initiatives that have high potential impact and can be implemented immediately, in health, education and agriculture to accelerate the attainment of the SDGs.