Millennium Promise welcomes new interns from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland

    As part of its continuing efforts to reduce extreme poverty using innovative technologies and methods, Millennium Promise has had a research driven approach to achieving the SDGs, from the start.

    In fact, research has always been a major part of Millennium Promise’s DNA given its affiliations with the Earth Institute (EI) as well as the Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) at Columbia University.  

    Over the past years, MP has supported a multitude of research projects by opening up its sites to testing of new practices that would improve the living conditions of populations.

    James Mulligan, Ana-Maria Murphy-Teixidor and Emily Wolfteich, our new interns at MP, all three Master’s students at Trinity College of Dublin, are part of that long tradition of MP to promote Sustainable Development oriented research and collaboration with researchers from various backgrounds.


    ​ Millennium Promise welcomes new interns from Trinity College


    Indeed, James Mulligan is a first year Master's student in Development Practice (MDP) at Trinity College, Dublin and University College Dublin. He is also a 2010 graduate of the University of Limerick, where he studied Physical Education (PE) and Geography. James has also traveled to forty countries on six continents and have worked and volunteered in several rural and urban settings in both developed and developing countries.


    Millennium Promise welcomes new interns from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland


    Ana-Maria, is a Master’s student in Development Practice at Trinity College as well. Prior to that, she has double majored in Biology and International Relations with a focus on health and the environment for her Bachelor degree. Ana-Maria has conducted researches and pursued several internships that have allowed her to work with well-established organizations inside and outside the USA, ultimately earning experience on different subjects regarding the implementation of environmental science within the world of environmental advocacy as well as the use of scientific research to create and implement in government issued human health criteria documents surrounding recreational water hazards in different states. This understanding of recreational water and health formed the basis for her interest in pursuing research in drinking water systems which she hopes to continue at Millennium Promise. 


    Millennium Promise welcomes new interns from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland


    Emily Wolfteich, is a master's student in the field of international practical development at Trinity College Dublin and University of Dublin in Ireland like her fellows. She is originally from Washington, DC where she was doing her degree at William & Mary University. Emily has traveled and work in different parts of the world including Paris, France where she worked as an intern for health associations, and the realm of Eswatini, Swaziland where she was a Peace Corps volunteer.


    James, Ana-Maria and Emily’s research subjects will be respectively looking at the influence of farming practices on food and nutrition security, family planning as well as Water quality assessment & Water quality education surrounding Iron Contamination in our Millennium Village of Potou where they’re currently conducting their respective studies.