Millennium Promise Newsletter - 2018 Issue

    Millennium Promise Newsletter - March 2018 
      An organization solely committed to the localization of the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) and the achievement of  sustainable development, particularly the eradication of poverty in all its forms at local level in Sub-Saharan Africa.
    Commissioning of new community projects in the district of Isingiro, Uganda

    The district of Isingiro, Uganda has been granted with new community projects worth over Sh700million (USD 192,000). These projects are aiming at increasing agricultural production, improving nutrition, promoting retention and quality education as well as promoting health service delivery systems and increasing access to water for domestic consumption and production.
    The occasion was commissioned by State Minister for Local Government, Hon. Jenipher Namuyangu, with attendance from the Millennium Promise officials who were commended for being transparent in the implementation process of the projects. It is worth noting that the Ministry entered in 2013 into a consultancy contract with Millennium Promise Alliance to implement the Millennium Villages Project Phase II (MVP II).


    Projects commissioned during the ceremony consist of an outpatient department, a maternity ward at Kihihi Health Centre 2 and Kikagate Health Centre 3. They also include the renovation and construction of classroom blocks at Ntungu Boys’ Primary School and Kabuyanda Central Primary School as well as the construction of milling plants.
    According to Mrs Patricia Namakula, the Uganda country coordinator for Millennium Promise Alliance, these projects are part of a loan financing from IDB to consolidate and scale up the second phase of the Millennium Villages Project (MVP II) in Uganda.
    These projects are the last of many development projects that have been executed and completed under the MVP II and are already positively impacting the lives of people in Isingiro district mostly in terms of Health, Education. The recently commissioned projects should be followed by a new one called ‘The Local Economic Growth Support Project ’which should be funded by the IDB (Islamic Development Bank) according to the Minister.

    MP's partnership with Tetraktys for "Les Chemins du savoir" project in Northern Senegal

    Dr Amadou I. Niang, CEO of Millennium Promise travelled to the department of St. Louis in early November 2017 with the members of the Tétraktys and AFRAT associations to meet the partners of the ''Chemins des Savoirs'' (Paths of Knowledge) program.
    The program was designed in partnership with the French Development Agency (AFD), the ‘’A Sahel Ouvert’’ Festival and the ‘’Maison du Fleuve Senegal’’/ the Center of Heritages and Cultures of the Senegal River Valley, the Association for the Training of Rural to Tourism Activities (AFRAT), TETRAKTYS, the Gaston Berger University of Saint Louis, Millennium Promise as well as various national and local stakeholders.


    The ''Les Chemins des Savoirs'' program is aiming at showcasing the natural, cultural and historical heritages as well as the flagship tourist areas, to build the capacities of local actors in the management and development of these heritages, to strengthen the social cohesion of the populations living near the Senegal River and to market and promote Senegalese tourism products with the ultimate goal of reducing urban migration and poverty by 2021.
    The goal of this coordination meeting was to carry out a strategic reflection on the durability of the program, to validate the action plan as well as the methodology of implementation of the program and finally to work on the co-financing of the project.
    This project is ideally part of MP's integrated development strategy, which also places emphasis on the cultural dimension of development and the role of culture, in its various forms - cultural heritage as well as cultural and creative industries - as a vector and catalyst for sustainable development.

    Youssou Ndour Senegalese singer and International artist to partner with MP to achieve sustainable development


    “On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, I met my collaborator and longtime friend, Mr Youssou Ndour, one of the most celebrated African musicians, to discuss possible opportunities for collaboration between Millennium Promise and his foundation the Youssou Ndour YND Foundation (Youth Network for Development). Mr Ndour is historically linked to Millennium Promise for being a Goodwill Ambassador in the MDG Global Leader Program in 2011 to help promote the Millennium Development Goals” said Dr Amadou I. Niang, MP CEO.
    With an important focus on youth particularly vulnerable children, the YND Foundation, created in 2000 and now chaired by Mrs. Aida Coulibaly Ndour, the wife of Youssou Ndour, aims at achieving sustainable development. It is in that framework that Mr Ndour and Dr Niang met to identify the potential synergies for future collaborations. The meeting was productive, and a fruitful partnership may arise.
    Find out more about the YND Foundation at:
    1mCHW Campaign, Rotary Club form alliance to eradicate polio from Ghana

    The One Million Community Health Workers Campaign (1mCHW Campaign) of Millennium Promise Alliance and Rotary International, Ghana, have formed an alliance with the aim of eradicating polio from Ghana.
    This partnership aims at contributing hand in hand over 21,000 dedicated workforces to fighting polio across the Ghana. Ghana has since 2008 not recorded a single polio case.
    To formalize the partnership, the two institutions on October 10, 2017, officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), symbolizing their preparedness and determination for the task ahead.
    Learn more at : 

    Millennium Promise Alliance helps YEA to clear ghost names with support of 1,000 smartphones

    The One Million Community Health Workers (1mCHW) Campaign of Millennium Promise Alliance made a donation that will change the payroll system of the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) in Ghana for good.


    Indeed, the 1mCHW campaign has donated 1,000 smartphones with a built-in Community-electronic Tracking system (CeTracker), which will help to minimize, if not totally eliminate ghost names from the payroll system of the Youth Employment Agency. 
    The CeTracker, uses GPS and tracks where Community Health Workers (CHWs) are located and provides a dashboard to evaluate their performance.
    This donation makes it three in a series of interventions already undertaken by 1mCHW Campaign to create the enabling environment to spur Ghana’s 360 degrees health data revolution campaign. 
    Learn more at:


    Rwanda: Mayange weavers making sustainable income from exporting baskets to Japan, USA and  Europe

    COOVAMAYA – Imirasire (Cooperative de Vannerie de Mayange), is a weavers’ cooperative started in 2007 to give to subsistence level women farmers in Mayange another way out of poverty. Indeed, their farming activities in Mayange, a drought-ridden area in Bugesera District in Rwanda would not allow them to make enough profit to afford food, clothing and healthcare services for their families. The cooperative has grown from one year to another and now has 120 members.
    With this opportunity of weaving marketable handcrafts (fruit baskets, peace baskets, coasters, placemats and etc), the women have been able to invest in the future generation of Rwanda, by sending their children to school and providing quality healthcare for their families: expenses that are unaffordable without steady income. The women feel an overwhelming sense of confidence and self-assurance with their new-found ability to provide for themselves and their families, enabling them to stand tall in their communities as role models for peace and prosperity. 
    Handcrafts market in Africa rely on tourists or linkage with retailers based in Europe or North America, Mayange weaver’s cooperative tried to strike a balance by searching for local and overseas handcrafts markets.  Through Millennium Promise, Mayange weavers were linked to various buyers; Tommy Hilfiger,One Campaign, Women for Women International, Indego Africa and various individuals from USA and Europe.
    One of the first and most important order was the order from Tommy Hilfiger in 2013. The order was valued at USD 20,000 and it was finalized in one-month period by the Mayange weavers. Tommy Hilfiger order made the cooperative famous and contributed to making many other orders follow.
    In 2017, Millennium Promise facilitated the partnership between the Mayange weavers’ cooperative and BASEY Company based in Japan owned by Yumiko Yoshii. The partnership was started after Yumiko Yoshii visited Mayange weavers with INDEGO Africa. She started placing small orders, and thanks to the quality of the products she is now buying baskets valued at USD 1,000 each month. The quality of Mayange baskets is appreciated in Japan and soon, more baskets orders will be received.
    The marketing is a very important issue for the sustainability of the business. As such marketing strategies will be developed through website development, approaching crafts retailers in USA, Europe and Asia and producing products that can be sold on the local market.  
    Beatrice Mukandori aged 68 years joined the cooperative in 2007 and before she was unable to afford one meal per day for her family and her main resource of income was farming. She has achieved a lot since she has become a member of the cooperative. For instance, she renovated her house, she managed to pay school fees for her children and the medical insurance.
    Betty Mukamugenzi, before joining the cooperative, she worked as a tailor for the local community, employment that did not allow her to earn substantial income.  With her income from basket weaving, Betty hired labor for her farm, purchased goats and a piece of land. She renovated her house and can now spend money on personal care like hair braiding, buying herself a mobile phone and new clothing, small things that have greatly contributed to her self-confidence. She is also able to afford 3 meals per day for her family. 
    Mayange weavers have achieved a lot through weaving and marketing their baskets locally and internationally. Going forward their main goal is to broaden their market as they are always looking for ways to improve their strategy. Furthermore, conscious of the positive impact of their activity they are looking for ways to train more young girls.

    Expanding the program

    Millennium Promise (MP – Rwanda) is working with Connect to Learn Program to expand the weaving program to girls who completed their secondary studies and are unable to continue their studies due to money issues. After the intensive training, young weavers will be able to generate income in order to financially participate to family expenses but above all they will be able to finance their own university studies. The possibilities to expand this program reside in addressing the issue of market that is common for many weaving cooperatives operating in Bugesera district.
    In its expansion efforts, Millennium Promise will continue to support, help and guide weavers and other craftsmen/women in Mayange and in neighboring villages to produce products that can be sold locally as the “Made in Rwanda” approach is highly promoted in the country.
    SDG Index & Dashboards Launched by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) and the Bertelsmann Stiftung the SDG Index and Dashboards – Global Report to provide a report card for tracking SDG progress and ensuring accountability. The second edition of the SDG Index will launch in July 2017.
    Sustainable Development Goals Official website of the United Nations providing information on the development and implementation of an indicator framework for the follow up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
    Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform Website managed by the Division for Sustainable Development under the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations providing wide access to information and knowledge for sustainable development and the SDGs.
    SDG Knowledge Hub On online resource center for news and commentary regarding the implementation of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including all 17 SDGs. It is managed by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).
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