Aminata Diop final

    Aminata Diop, a leader doubly committed to the rural community of Léona

    Aminata Diop, 32 years old, nurse and Health post manager is a female leader doubly committed to the rural community of Léona.

    Originally from Mboro, it is in Léona, in the region of Louga that she chose to fully commit in community health. Aminata Diop is passionate about communication who uses the community radio of Léona FM as an awareness tool.


    The Inquisitor – Yea To Recruit 20,000 Health Workers

    The youth Employment Agency (YEA) has announced its readiness in rolling out its numerous modules in February, 2016 to reduce the rate of unemployment among the youth in the country. To begin with, the agency is expected to recruit over 20,000 young people under its youth in Health Module to train and equip them as community Health Workers.