Aminata Diop, a leader doubly committed to the rural community of Léona

    Aminata Diop final

    Aminata Diop, 32 years old, nurse and Health post manager is a female leader doubly committed to the rural community of Léona.

    Originally from Mboro, it is in Léona, in the region of Louga that she chose to fully commit in community health. Aminata Diop is passionate about communication who uses the community radio of Léona FM as an awareness tool.

    She believes that "in terms of professional challenges, women are just as capable as men".Being the first woman appointed head of post in Léona, the practitioner is available 24 hours a day for the local population who widely appreciates it as evidenced by the four children that were given her name.

    Millennium Promise congratulates her and encourages her to maintain her daily efforts.

    An article By Halima Djigo

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